What is Create Your Commute? 

For the foreseeable future, many people around the world will no longer commute to work and, well, anywhere else. Lots of us cherish the commute time warp that typically starts our day. A time to read, listen to podcasts, enjoy new music, read your horoscope, ignore your notifications — we’ve all got our thing. When we commute,

we do all this without feeling like we're supposed to be doing

something else. 


This inspired Create Your Commute (CYC). The project invites you to create something during the time that you would usually be commuting. During your typical commute time, create something. It can be anything related to how you’re feeling about the world, about life, about movies, about sports, about hot dogs. You name it, you create it. The only rule is to use this time to create something without feeling like you’re supposed to be doing something else. Submit writing, posters, illustrations, songs, jokes, photos, videos, plays, juggling techniques, algorithms. The oyster is your world. And it's oyster season. 

We would like to take a moment to express our gratitude for all of the essential workers who are still commuting everyday & on the frontlines fighting COVID-19.

Thank you!

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